Your Roof Can Save The World


roof“We are trying to save the world one roof at a time!” Chase Middleton, Kiara Romotzki and Kendall Glynn, juniors at Manhasset High School who founded a student initiative called LOV3ARTH and are promoting reflective roof technology.

With LOV3ARTH the group is building awareness of a simple premise – reflective (or white) roofs reflect the sun’s heat rather than retaining it. Black tar roofs retain heat help the environment. Dark surfaces act like a frying pan when the sun’s rays hit them.

Researchers say summer temperatures in NYC could reach as high as 130 degrees by 2050 unless something is done. The environment is suffering because the earth is dotted with dark roofs, roads and parking lots. Hotter cities mean AC units have to work harder which wastes energy and increases the carbon blanket overhead. 

Painting or covering roofs with reflective materials is relatively inexpensive, reduces energy costs, and helps reverse the tide of Global Warming. LOV3ARTH has collected a thousand signatures urging state and local leaders to consider simple changes in building codes to promote reflective roof technology. Become a reflector and sign the petition at

The above photo is Kiara Romotzki, Chase Middleton, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Kendall Glynn after talking to the Governor about LOV3ARTH and the benefits of reflective roof technology.


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