Wild Driving


It’s perhaps appropriate that I’m writing this on my birthday, as I’ll probably come off sounding like a grumpy old man.

I witnessed a type of driving this weekend that, unfortunately, is too common of an occurrence in town. A Range Rover pulled out of a parking spot behind the Manhasset Deli, recklessly shot through the Raindew parking lot, and then tore down a nearby residential dead-end street at 50-60 mph, presumably on the way home.

Although not excusable, this kind of behavior could perhaps be expected from an impulsive teenager. But the driver, who looked to be in his thirties or early forties (an “old guy,” like me) clearly should have known better.

There is nothing wrong with driving fast, as long as circumstances and conditions warrant it. The Raindew parking lot and Colonial Parkway don’t represent appropriate circumstances. Especially given the time of day, it’s very lucky that no pedestrians were in the way of this 5000 lb SUV.

All it takes is one child to be hit to ruin the lives of many people forever.

Jason Wells

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