Who’s Moving In To Your Neighbor’s Garage?


In a break from almost 100 years of tradition and law, Plandome Heights is in the process of allowing a homeowner to rent out their garage as a separate “dwelling.”

On May 19, the Board of Zoning and Appeals of the Village met and already provided verbal approval for such variance. Assuming the Village Attorney reviews and agrees with all information, a second family will now be able to live on this plot of land zoned and taxed for one family.

This sets a dangerous precedent and could open the flood gates to garage rentals not only in Plandome Heights, but perhaps in some of the neighboring villages too.

If you are not in favor of this variance gaining final approval, voice your concern to the Village town hall at 627-1136, and sign a petition by going to: www.thepetitionsite.com/702/607/812/no-renters-in-your-garage.

Nancy Lefkowitz

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