When It Comes To Education, The Investment is Worth It


As a parent of three children who have benefited from the Manhasset Public Schools, as a homeowner and taxpayer in the District for the past 19 years, as one who was born and raised in Manhasset, and a Manhasset High School graduate, I support the December 3 Bond Referendum.
This bond referendum provides our community with $22.6 million worth of essential projects for an actual debt of $19.9 million (the difference coming from capital reserves and a donation from the SCA).
I encourage all those who are not personally familiar with the facts to review the detailed information from the school district to permit a reasoned, personal decision based on those facts. I also urge all those who support the referendum, as I do, to not become part of a complacent “silent majority” and instead to implement your support with a “yes” vote on Dec. 3.
The Bond Referendum is the culmination of a seven-month process through which 15 diverse community members serving on a Citizens Advisory Committee thoroughly assessed the District’s long-term facilities needs and the costs of necessary improvements. These committee members, the administration and the School Board did not arrive at a hasty decision and instead did their homework, and then some.
The District website contains the straightforward, content-neutral facts and research underlying the proposal and I encourage you to visit http://www.manhasset.k12.ny.us/board.cfm?subpage=23489.
I believe the time is now for this project and I hope you agree. But, please, don’t take my word for it … or the word of others. Read the objective, non-biased facts and make up your own minds.
Mimi Donohue


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