What is the Frolic?


Finally, the big day is here after years, months and weeks of counting down.
June 24, 2016—graduation. After 12 years of testing and homework, cheers and tears, this day arrives charged with energy, excitement and some sadness.
One by one, the graduates accept their diploma and go off to dinner with their family. Then by 10 p.m., these kids are itching for a party where they can scream out their jubilation as well as share their farewell tears. Luckily, we have the Senior Frolic. This is the last opportunity for the Class of 2016 to be together.
If this is your first high school senior and you haven’t grown up in this town, let me enlighten you about the Senior Frolic. It’s an awesome graduation party that takes place in the high school gym from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Plans and preparations for this secretly themed event began last June. Previous surprise themes included Wonderland (as in Alice), Night at the Museum and Harry Potter. This party is a “graduation gift” by the parents to their children. Senior parents, through fundraising, sponsorships and ticket sales, pay for this event. In addition, the parents put it all together. Since January, several parents have been busy making props. At the end of May, parents will begin to transform the gym—floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. We have just four weeks to do this.
The Frolic has something for everyone—entertainment, music and dancing, games, food and surprises. Kids can hang out in one of the lounges with their friends, watch the entertainment or participate in the games and activities.
This is not like the prom. No date required. No tuxedo or new dress. No corsages. Just come as you are and have fun.
People have asked, “Do these teens really need a Senior Prom and a Senior Frolic?” Absolutely. On one of the most anticipated evenings of their lives, what else would they do? Where would they go, if not the Senior Frolic? This is a great venue to have the graduates all together in a safe, controlled, fun environment. And no one’s excluded from the best party in town.
I’ve heard people say that the Frolic is expensive. That’s true. Per student, the cost is equivalent to 3 to 4 hours spent with a tutor. But hey, you’re finished with tutors now, and
I guarantee your kids won’t remember those hours with the tutor as fondly as they will remember their Senior Frolic.
Please contact me to find out how you can get involved.
—Denise Polis
2016 Frolic Chairperson


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