Vote For Astorino


Rob Astorino is the last and only hope of the N.Y. Republican Party. Over the last few years, I looked on in horror as the N.Y. Republicans systematically destroyed themselves. It was a Keystone Cops slapstick joke. I could imagine that even the Dems watched in disbelief. The great fall started with the N.Y. Repubs supporting gay marriage. I support gay marriage, but as a (libertarian) Republican, I understand that we need the religious right, and since I do not intend to marry another man any time soon, I can let that one go for the sake of the bigger picture. (The court just fixed that one the other day anyway.) That’s just common sense. Its’ not like the Mittag Leffler expansion of a function about its poles. This brilliant strategy cost them the senate. Then they get hustled to form the IDC. This one slick little lefty from the city, Joe Klein, gets unprecedented power.
One Democrat basically took over and controlled the entire N.Y. G.O.P. He then convinces them to vote for the NY (un)safe act. If they had not done themselves enough harm by voting for gay marriage, and were consciously bent on suicide, this was their getting out of their hospital bed, pulling out all the IVs, and jumping off the roof. What were they thinking? There is no logical explanation. A strategy of lets totally screw our base and maybe the Dems will like us? What? But that is what it looks like!
They are now supporting Cuomo over Astorino. A conscious decision to abandon the base. They do not know what direction to run scared in (like roaches when the light gets turned on). Most of them are running into Cuomo’s arms. It hurts to look at. It is also a revelation of them as a bunch of political hacks with no real ideology (except of course – I want this position). Maybe the best thing would be if they all just loose and we clean house (except Astorino).
Meanwhile, if Astorino losses, there will be a government in N.Y. comprised entirely of far left radicals that are now unfettered, un-moderated — nothing in their way.
Think about that.
Emery Rose

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