Village Elections Scheduled For March 21


The five villages of Manhasset including Flower Hill, Munsey Park, Plandome, Plandome Manor and Plandome Heights will hold upcoming elections for trustees and mayor positions on Tuesday, March 21. All seats are running unopposed and most are running for reelection.

Two changes in Munsey Park are of note: previous Deputy Mayor Frank DeMento will be running for mayor once again as Sean Haggarty retires and there will be a new trustee, Lawrence Ceriello. DeMento had previously been mayor of Munsey Park while Haggerty had been a trustee. The deputy mayor will be chosen in April by the appointed mayor. Elections are held at the village halls. Voting begins at noon and runs until 9 p.m.

Below is a list of voting sites and candidates running for each village.

Village of Flower Hill

1 Bonnie Heights Rd.

  • Mayor Robert McNamara (replaced Mayor Elaine Phillips who resigned to accept New York Senate position)
  • Trustee Kate Hirsch
  • Trustee Brian Herrington
  • Trustee Jay Beber
  • Trustee Frank Genese

Village of Munsey Park

1777 Northern Blvd.

  • Mayor Frank DeMento (former Mayor of Munsey Park)
  • Trustee Patrick Hance
  • Trustee Lawrence Ceriello (new candidate)

Village of Plandome

65 South Dr.

  • Mayor Lloyd Williams
  • Trustee Katie Saville
  • Trustee Donald Richardson
  • Village Justice James D. Kiley

Village of Plandome Manor

55 Manhasset Ave.

  • Mayor Barbara Donno
  • Trustee Matthew Clinton
  • Trustee James Bayder

Plandome Heights

*Please note that residents of Plandome Heights vote at Plandome Village Hall. The number listed is for Plandome Heights Village Hall*

65 South Dr., Plandome

  • Trustee Daniel Cataldo
  • Trustee Gus Panopoulos
  • Trustee Norman Taylor
  • Village Justice Cye Ross


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