Unsafe Driving By Apple Store


AppleStore_092614AI am a resident of Strathmore Village and was driving home on Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 6pm and just turned on the Gate near the Apple store. As I passed the parking lot, a car driven by a young man turned into the southbound lane and headed north, directly at my car which was traveling south. I honked my horn at him and stopped before he hit me. He drew up beside my car and screamed an obscenity at me, and then drove off into the Apple parking lot. Had I gotten his plate number, I would have called the police to report an unsafe driver, but I was so shocked that someone would behave this way.

The Apple store is creating the increased traffic and inviting people in from outside the neighborhood who may or may not have a sense of common decency or vested interest in the community. Apple should have hired additional security to manage the traffic that resulted from their sale of new products, and drivers like the one I encountered are a potential accident waiting to happen. Waiting for a pedestrian injury or car collision is not an option that Apple should take, nor should the community.

Allen Mark


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