Trash/Litter On Plandome Road


LtrTrapani_071114AI don’t know, maybe it is just me, but is anyone else embarrassed by the condition of Plandome Road in the commercial district? OK, so we didn’t get brick sidewalks, planters, benches, safety crosswalks, etc. like so many other “Main Streets” across Long Island have. Those dreams are long gone, but doesn’t anyone on this road own a broom? The gutters and sidewalks have never been dirtier. Paper, wrappers, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, cans. What ever happened to civic pride? I have owned the gallery and frame shop for almost 15 years and have never seen Plandome Road so neglected. The biggest culprits are the biggest stores and office buildings in town (you know who you are). The trash is only half of the problem. How about pulling some weeds and mulching the beds where the trees are planted. Give the trees a fighting chance to grow. With the money that the town spends on marking tires and ticketing the few customers we have, how about a street cleaning crew? Where is the town street sweeper that is supposed to go through before business hours? Thank you for letting me vent. On a positive note, I would like to single out “Inside The Armoire”. Their sidewalk is swept and not only are their flower beds clean, but they are full of flowers (What a concept)! Great job, your efforts didn’t go unnoticed. I hope the people at Town Hall read my letter. I wonder what road their office is on?

Al Trapani

Trapani Art & Frame