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Not only do Angela LoBellWeddingCompany_122614Bo and Laura Troia, owners of The Wedding Company, make the most important aspect of any big event—the invitations—the two cousins offer a range of items that can be custom-made or purchased.
“You cannot have a party without the invitations,” said LoBello. “Our goal is to make celebration planning easier by performing any creative aspects that go into them.”
Even though the business is called The Wedding Company, the cousin’s specialty is all celebrations.
“We do all the detailed stuff that
go into weddings, christenings, communions, bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties, and the list goes
on,” said LoBello. “We’ve even gone down to weddings and parties to help make sure everything was in place. We do a lot, but our main focus is the printed material.”
They make sure each invitation or party favor is immaculate by spending countless hours designing and assembling them.
“We put them together here—just the two of us. Since Laura is a graphic designer, she does a lot of the custom work in the store,” said LoBello.
Even though they are experts, they encourage customers to come in with pictures of things that they like, so the time they spend together is efficient.
“There are so many options out there, and there is an endless amount of designs. We have a ton of samples from over the years that people can see and feel,” said LoBello. “If our customers bring in pictures of what they like, we can steer them into the right direction and help them set a budget.”
Most specialty cards are about 15 to 20 dollars, but some customers want statements that exceed that amount.
“It’s going to be the first thing people see in regards to your celebration. In our days people are going to
many different events, and if they
get something on the cheaper end, they may have lower expectations
for the celebration,” said LoBello. “Hosts want to impress their guests right off the bat because they want them to be excited.”
LoBello and Troia brought the business together when they were 22 years old. Now 6 years later, they opened another location in Queens, but they choose to stay at their Manhasset location.
“This location is our baby. We grew with this business, and we love the town” said LoBello.
LoBello also grew up in Manhasset and worked at the location before she purchased it with her cousin.
“I love helping familiar faces plan their celebrations, and I love suggesting local businesses to customers,” said LoBello.
LoBello recently had a celebration of her own. She got married on Sunday, Sept. 20 to Augostino LoBello.
Planning her own wedding was challenging because she knew about all of the options out there.
“It was difficult to choose what I wanted, but once I decided to get married at the Plaza in the city, I knew what I wanted. I got to see the other side of celebration planning,” said LoBello
She knew everyone was expecting a unique wedding invitation, so she and Troia put their skills to work.
“My wedding invitation idea was outside of the box, but it was also inside of one. It was placed inside a gold colored box, and the invitation had flowers on it. It had a very romantic feel, and everything was ivory and gold,” said LoBello. “Everyone knew it was my invitation when it arrived in their mailbox.”
Troia recently got engaged, and
she will soon be making her own invitations too.
“I find this so exciting. Customers often asked us what we were doing for our weddings when we helped them with theirs. Now we can tell them about ours,” said LoBello.
LoBello and Troia plan to continue to grow with their business and help others with their special occasions.
“We plan to be a part of the community for a long time, and maybe one day have our children help others with their special occasions.”
The Wedding Company is located at 1663 Northern Blvd., Manhasset. The phone number is 516-365-3245.

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