The Science Museum Of Long Island Is Live At Five

Susie Goldman, a board member of Residents Forward, talked trees with children attending Live At Five. (Photos by Jennifer Corr)

There is much fun to be had at the Science Museum of Long Island (SMLI) every other Thursday as part of the Live At Five program brings local live music, food and beverage trucks and even science experiments to the Leeds Pond Preserve.

On June 24, 15-year-old musical duo Sam & Chloe impressed families as children chased bubbles produced by a bubble machine provided by advocacy group Resident’s Forward.

A music duo of 15-year-olds, Sam & Chloe, were the performers at the Live At Five event on June 24. (Photos by Jennifer Corr)

Patricia Class, the executive director of the Port Washington-based nonprofit that works to protect and advance the vibrancy, resiliency, sustainability and beauty of the community, said they chose the bubble machine because it was a less wasteful option than bottles of bubbles.

“I think it’s great just to see all these young families out enjoying themselves,” Class said. “It’s really special.”
Having the chance to educate children about the environment, and share Resident’s Forward programs with families, has been a plus as well, Class said.

Huse Kivrak, the director of education at the Science Museum of Long Island, showed children just how fun science could be. (Photos by Jennifer Corr)

Kristen Laird, the executive director of the Science Museum of Long Island, said at the fourth Live At Five of the season that she is still pleasantly surprised at just how many families come out to enjoy the evening at the large field that overlooks the Manhasset Bay. She said that some events have even sold out. “This is our first year doing it.” Laird said. “It’s an amazing property…It’s perfect, it’s almost like a natural amphitheater.”

The woods were their canvas and the sticks and branches were their tools as children built birds nests. (Photos by Jennifer Corr)

The fun that Stephanie Meberg’s family has at the events keeps her coming back. When asked what her children’s favorite part was, Meberg of Port Washington said she would be lying if she didn’t say it was the ice cream.“Every night has just been the best weather,” Meberg said. “It’s beautiful. You get to see the sunset over the bay.”

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran stopped by the Live At Five event on June 24.
(Photos by Jennifer Corr.)

To see the sunset over the bay, and enjoy the local fare and activities offered at the Live at Five events, visit The next Live At Five will be held on July 8.



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