The Legacy Of St. John

The design concept for St. John at Americana gives a nod to the California coast vibe. The store has an airy feel with high ceilings, an open floor plan and a light palette, which acts as a calm backdrop for the apparel collection. Materials were carefully selected for the space, such as wood flooring that evokes beach driftwood, tile, paneled walls and polished gold details that reflect light and imbue a fresh feeling. (Photo source:

In an age when so much is disposable, it is rare to find a brand that exudes quality the way that St. John Knits does. Founded in 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray, the company has been built on the combination of craft and couture, resulting in the simple sophisticated style women around the world desire.

Marie Gray knitted her first dress back in 1962, by hand. It took her a month to complete. Then an encounter with a knitting machine inspired her to create a beautiful wardrobe for herself, much to the envy of her friends who all sought to place orders. With help from family and friends, the St. John label was born.

Robert and Marie Gray (left); Marie Gray served as both chief designer and the first face of St. John (right) (Photos courtesy of St. John)

Quality and fit was paramount to Marie and remains so for the brand today. St. John uses the highest quality wool, sourced from trustworthy suppliers. Oftentimes, yarns of different fibers are twisted together to create blends which improves the garment’s ability to retain
its shape.

St. John dyes its yarn in-house with high-quality pigments to produce rich, vibrant colors. Unlike lesser brands, a single cone of yarn is used to create one garment, which ensures consistency in the fabric color and texture. A meticulous approach and high standards have made St. John into the classic American brand that it is today.

Several First Ladies have donned St. John ensembles. Countless celebrities and women in the public eye gravitate to the collections, whether for daytime attire, sport apparel, evening wear, couture or accessories.

At St. John in Americana Manhasset, visitors receive a personal and luxury shopping experience. The team, led by store manager Anne Santillo, will help you discover the wardrobe that best suits you, no matter what the occasion.

“Not many luxury brands last 50 years. It makes you feel humble to know your product is so desirable. ”
—Marie Gray, Fortune, 2013


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