Thank you Munsey Park Elementary School!


You provide our children with a place to grow and flourish. You give opportunities and challenges to our children across so many disciplines from the Academics to the Arts to the Extra-Curricular. Children at Munsey Park are fortunate to benefit from every teacher’s best effort. And not just Munsey Park—all of the public schools in our district strive to be the best for our kids. Thank you!

The curriculum that Munsey Park delivers—Art, Band/Orchestra/Chorus, the Core subjects (Math, Science, English, Social Studies), Physical Education—works to stimulate learning and keep our children excited about school.

Every student spends the school day learning in so many different and creative ways. Thank you to our energetic, creative, enthusiastic teachers and staff who are led by our principal, Dr. Jean Kendall, and Mrs. Murray, Assistant Principal. Their enthusiasm and strong work ethic are the models that other districts should follow.

We thank everyone at Munsey Park School who contributes to the education of our children. We would also like to thank our fellow community members for recognizing the talented professionals who work with our children.

Please VOTE on May 20th!

Liz Tomaselli, Munsey Park SCA President
Kristen Ryan, Munsey Park SCA Vice President
Maria Herrington, Kindergarten Grade Level Chair
Stephanie Rogers, First Grade Level Chair
Michele Longobardi, Second Grade Level Chair
Missy Leder, Third Grade Level Chair
Kim Griffith, Fourth Grade Level Chair
Jen DeSena, Fifth Grade Level Chair
Danai Falcone, Sixth Grade Level Chair



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