Thank You Manhasset Community


During the weekend of Nov. 7 and 8, Manhasset neighbors donated almost 400 articles of men’s clothes to be given directly to Nassau County Veterans. Bins were placed in the front of Raindew and at rear parking lot to collect the clothes. An additional bin at the Legion Hall ensured donation ease. These donations are distributed during the Veterans Stand Down fair. The Fairs take place twice a year. Donations of lightly used dress shirts, suits, silk ties, warm jackets and sweaters were amongst the donated items. The Kavorias family was especially generous donating several designer suits, shirts and ties. “The Veterans receiving these donations will be especially grateful as the weather is turning much colder. The warmth of the clothing is a reflection of the warmth and caring of those who donated so generously,” noted American Legion Auxiliary President Patricia O’Brien. The donated clothes are displayed on racks and tables for the veterans to choose. These clothes are critical to a down-on-luck veteran who is trying to return to the work force. Raindew furthered the generosity by donating new pajamas and thermal type jackets. Raindew manager John Hulz has been a huge supporter here in our community, always encouraging and helping us advocate for charitable veteran donations.

The collection wouldn’t have been as successful if it hadn’t been for his support.

Thank you again Raindew, Community Members, Manhasset American Legion and especially, Patricia O’Brien, who continuously campaigns for making a positive difference in the lives of veterans.

Lauren Moschitta


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