TEAM HOPE Makes Waves To Fight Cancer

Team HOPE gathers every year to raise money and awareness for cancer prevention and treatment. (Photo courtesy Jennifer DeSena)

For the 18th consecutive summer, TEAM HOPE’s swimmers came together for a cause.

On a beautiful, but somber day, 42 swimmers, including North Hempstead Country Club’s general manager, pool director, and several lifeguards and wait staff, took to the waters to make waves to fight cancer.

The event began with a moment of silence for members who lost their lives in a tragic collision and their grieving families. The Kiess family has been an integral part of TEAM HOPE’s cumulative $1.38 million raised for cancer research, treatment, and prevention. The moment of silence would be repeated at the Sound to Cove open water swim off Garvies Point and the Long Island Swim League Championship.

Some swim in memory of lost family members; others swim because they want to make a difference. Most have participated multiple years and over half swim with family members.

TEAM HOPE captain Mike Ford, a lifelong swimmer and tireless advocate, has experienced the pain and loss that cancer causes. He offers swimming and fundraising as a way for the community, especially the kids, to feel mentally and physically empowered through the team efforts. The team shares family and friends’ names and reasons for their efforts on the memory board. Swimmers keep these intentions with them as they swim and enjoy a BBQ dinner together.

Team HOPE thanks the North Hempstead Country Club Board, staff, members and all donors for their support each year, this year resulting in more than $78,000.

Those who would like to donate or swim with the team can contact Mike Ford at

—Submitted by Team HOPE


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