Support Trustee Sue Auriemma & The Village Party


I am writing to urge you to vote for Trustee Sue Auriemma and the Village Party Team in the upcoming elections in Munsey Park. By now, you have had the opportunity to read articles in the papers, as well as many letters to the editor, so you already know Sue is clearly the most qualified and experienced candidate for Trustee, by far. She is actually the most experienced member of the current Board of Trustees. Her civic work has earned her awards and recognition at the Town, State and Federal levels of government.

This seems to be a time when these accolades and credentials don’t mean much, so if you don’t recognize her value for those reasons, then support her so you, as residents of our fine community, continue to have a voice that is not simply supporting a single point of view. Someone who has and will continue to challenge the rest of the Board, when matters come up that affect your rights as home owners and as a neighbor, who simply want to maintain the quality of life that attracted them to Munsey Park in the first place.

We are constantly hearing about transparency in government and open communication. These are great and important words, but often are simply “ a spin” on limited communication and lack of real transparency. We have seen communication towers go up and come down, at tax payers expense, we have made the TV news and the papers for basketball hoops, may in court over a new subdivision, changed generator laws that would have these things cranking noise levels that are the equivalent of a freight train 100 feet away. Our tree laws that now lets your neighbor cut your tree down and send you the bill.

Don’t you think we can benefit from trustees that can offer a diverse point of view?

Vote for Sue Auriemma, Eileen Cuneo as Trustees and Brian Dunning as our Village Justice.

Harry Nicolaides
Former Mayor of Munsey Park

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  1. Harry, while I respect anyone who takes the time to write a letter in support of a candidate running for local election, your last paragraph is puzzling! As you know from your many years as Mayor of the village, the water tower can not be controlled by any member of the Village of Munsey Park. The basketball hoop law was in place when you were mayor. This administration clarified the language to make it more clear. The improved generator law is in response to demands from residents in a post-Sandy environment. And, lastly as you know, there is a tree permit requirement for every resident. I am proud to live in a village where people actively want to be involved. But let’s not confuse our residents about the facts.


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