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Your vote for the Residents for a Better Munsey Park ticket will continue the great strides taken in the past year by this new group of dedicated, talented, professionals who have lived up to their campaign promise, to improve transparency of our village for everyone.

One of the first things they did, was to improve our village website, not just to make it look nicer, but to also make it a valuable resource for all of us. For the first time ever, every village resident can now look over the shoulder of our village trustees, any time they wish 24/7, to see, line by line, how their tax dollars are being allocated and actually spent by viewing our village budget that is posted on the website, a first ever in village history.

The Residents for a Better Munsey Park group lived up to their second campaign pledge to us by immediately enacting term limits to ensure that the village is governed openly and freely by the residents and not controlled by a select few. Prior to enacting term limits, the last two mayors stayed in office a combined term near equal to that of all the previous mayors before who had modest self-regulated their time in office by stepping down after a term or two as mayor.

Additionally, this new team has openly invited and welcomed everyone into village hall so that all opinions can be heard and considered. Future plans for improvements to our village roads and parks are welcome after years of care-taking that did little to show any significant capital improvements to our village.

These three candidates incumbents Justice, John Turano and Trustee, Jennifer Noone, and challenger Johnathan Lippmann are all highly qualified and equally deserving of your vote next Tuesday. John Turano is man of great integrity and a legal professional with a proven track record that has served the village well as our village justice and is a great neighbor to all.

Jennifer Noone served on the Building Advisory Committee before moving on to serve as one of our village trustees. She is currently working diligently on helping our Mayor and the other trustees improve our infrastructure and is poised to make many of those planned improvements when our spring thaw finally arrives. Johnathan Lippmann currently devotes his time to the Building Advisory Committee.

He also was very instrumental in the negotiated removal of the water districts communication tower in favor of a more balanced approach. For the past several months I have the privilege to work alongside Johnathan and have seen his professional demeanor help transform the BAC from the perceived adversarial negative committee it was, to an open friendly advisory committee that assists fellow residents with their building issues, resulting in a faster and more collaborative effort for everyone involved.

The Residents for a Better Munsey Park ticket have just begun to improve every aspect of our village for the better. Your support of these three experienced candidates will ensure that this vision of a more transparent, resident responsive, collaborative village will continue into the future. Last year your vote was important.

This year it is even more so because a vote for the Residents for a Better Munsey Park ticket last year was based on hope, this year it is truly based upon change that we can all believe in. I encourage everyone of the residents of Munsey Park to come out to vote so that your voice and vote can be counted. If you vote for these candidates you will be supporting a great team who puts your best interest first.

John Penn

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