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As a longtime Manhasset Public School District supporter, Marirose Merola is committed to finding the best solutions to maintain the highest academic standards while remembering the financial burden that is placed on our taxpayers. Marirose has a MBA and is able to understand, process, and control budgets, specifically the annual school budget. She understands the financial world and can make decisions that will strengthen the economic position of our district. Marirose also has a MA in Education and now works as a Special Education teacher in the Bellmore/Merrick school district. As a teacher, she sees what works in the classroom and how the children are affected by decisions that are made by the Board of Education. With the combination of her education and her careers, Marirose has the unique experience to balance the welfare of students, and taxpayers.
I also wanted to quickly enumerate some areas where Marirose has already made contributions to our school district. She was one of the founding members of PASS in 2004 and has continued to work with the organization for the past 10 years. For two years, she co-chaired the Citizen Education Committee within the SCA where she has spent time reaching out to families to educate them and encourage them to become more involved with the district. She also served on the Shared Decision Making Committee at Shelter Rock.
Please vote yes for the school budget and Marirose Merola on May 20!
Maureen Lavin


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