Students Smash Pumpkins For The Planet

Shelter Rock and Munsey Park students smashed pumpkins and then planted the seeds with Planet Manhasset
(Photos by Planet Manhasset)

First-graders in the Manhasset elementary schools learned this lesson by participating in a pumpkin smash right after Halloween with volunteers from Planet Manhasset. Each class smashed a pumpkin and buried the pulp and seeds in the community gardens at Munsey Park and Shelter Rock. The students had to work together to make sure that the entire pumpkin was smashed and that not too many of the seeds were buried.

Anyone can dispose of leftover Halloween pumpkins in an eco-friendly way. If you have a compost pile, it will easily break down into compost. For those who love to cook, roasted pumpkin seeds make a delicious snack, and the rest of the pumpkin can be cooked into baked goods or a puree. Leftover pumpkins can also be buried in your backyard; just make sure they are deep enough that the squirrels cannot dig them for a snack.

Planet Manhasset is deeply appreciative to the school community for being so supportive of the community gardens, and the students and teachers loved this hands-on “pumpkin smash” project.

There are many opportunities for classes at all three schools to be involved, and the gardens offer a unique learning experience for students and teachers. For more information about Planet Manhasset or the SCA please visit our website or e-mail

—Submitted by Planet Manhasset



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