Steve Panzik For Board of Education


I’m writing on behalf of a gentleman that I believe will be a great asset to the Manhasset Board of Education.

Steve Panzik is uniquely qualified for this critical position on theboard. He has dedicated his life’s work to the betterment of students both academically and through team sports. As the current program director for Manhasset Crew, I’ve seen first-hand the impact of his dedication.
Athletes in our program learn teamwork, the importance of advocating for oneself and time management under his purview. An exceptionally demanding sport, our athletes are amongst the highest in academic achievement. This would not be possible without Steve’s vision for the program and the commitment to the personal advancement of every athlete.

Steve has also committed himself to the well-being and safety of our children. As past president and current member of CASA, he has stewarded this organization in implementing multiple environmental strategies to change the community conditions by which teens abuse alcohol and prescription drugs. This provides a unique set of experiences that allow him to see the students more holistically. As a parent with three children in the Manhasset School system, this couldn’t be more important for him to get right.

Our school district is currently ranking lower than neighboring schools, when in the past we were leaders on Long Island. There is a growing urgency to stem the decline and return our school system back to its former ranking. This will require empowering and motivating all stakeholders to take on this challenge and for our community to back what is necessary to procure the best talent and leadership to do so. Steve sees this as an essential area of improvement for our school system. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, he has the necessary business, financial and relationship building skills to support the board in these efforts.

As most of us can attest, the last several years of COVID has been trying on our children. This adversity was something that Steve saw as another problem worth solving. He worked with the Board of the Friends of Manhasset Crew to keep our program operational for our athletes. This was not a small feat.

In closing, Steve brings the fresh perspective, focus and drive we need to make a meaningful impact in our school system. Please join me in supporting him for election to the Manhasset BOE.

—Carlo Calcagni, RPh

Resident of Manhasset (31 years), and chairman, Manhasset Crew.


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