Spectrum Bakes Launches The Spectrum Stimulus Package

Spectrum Stimulus Package (Photo courtesy of the Spectrum Designs Foundation)

Spectrum Bakes launches The Spectrum Stimulus Package, a first-of-its-kind collaboration among seven businesses who employ individuals of differing abilities. As the nation emerges from the pandemic, it’s vital to safeguard, focus and support businesses who offer vocational training and a fair wage to a population facing an 80 percent unemployment rate. The package was created to stimulate awareness of quality products made by individuals who are four-times as likely to experience depression and isolation.

The gift box is filled with must-have items hand-selected by Spectrum Bakes from, John’s Crazy Socks, Spectrum Designs, Anderson Center for Autism, Extraordinary Ventures NY, Peaceful Fruits and Beloved Bath.

“We have provided many opportunities for all kinds of people from all backgrounds and who doesn’t like popcorn,” Samuel Bier, son of Popcorn for the People Founder, Steven Bier, and an employee of the company, said.

According to a February 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, in 2019, 19.3 percent of persons with a disability were employed. In contrast, the employment-population ratio for persons without a disability was 66.3 percent.

“When an individual with Autism or of differing-ability does not have access to appropriate vocational services, they will miss irreplaceable opportunities to explore employment interests or gain skills needed to hold a job,” Patrick Bardsley, Co-Founder and CEO Spectrum Designs Foundation shares a startling statistic, said. “Less than 37 percent of young adults ever receive vocational training. This is a significant factor when exploring causes and solutions for the 80 percent unemployment rate among this population.”

“We started this business to create meaningful and joyful employment for individuals with Autism, because the job prospects are pretty grim. Your impact is tremendous and amplifies our ability to do what we do,” Pam Katouff, co-Founder of Beloved Bath said.

Spectrum Bakes, an affiliate of the Spectrum Enterprises, is a purpose-driven organization with an important mission-to help individuals with Autism lead full and productive lives through the world of work.

As a nonprofit, 100 percent of profits go to advance the mission. The organization provides vocational training and paid employment to individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities–demystifying stereotypes and offering hope. Spectrum Bakes along with Spectrum Designs and Spectrum Suds, create opportunities for employment, empowerment and growth. www.spectrumenterprises.org

-Submitted by Spectrum Designs Foundation

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