Siblings Pack Meals For Island Harvest

    Richard and Emily Rogers at Island Harvest.
    (Photo submitted by Noelle Rogers)

    Manhasset siblings Richard Rogers, 17, and Emily Rogers, 15, helped donate hundreds of pounds of food to Island Harvest. Island Harvest food bank is a leading hunger- relief organization with a mission to end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island. Together, the brother- sister duo sorted and packed boxes for families with food insecurity.

    The pair helped sort and organize food drive bags for store front food drives, which occur weekends for the months of November and December. Inside the bags are 300+ “How You Can Help” Flyers, two banners, a sheet describing 2022 Holiday Volunteer Opportunities, and a money canister.

    They also helped sort and organize PSEG bags from the Taste of the Harvest event. These bags were extras. The bags consisted of cookies, mints, PSEG measuring cups, thermometers, gloves, spatulas and other kitchen and cooking items. These sorted bags will then be used to give to agencies, departments or anyone who is in need.

    The last part of their activities was sorting food items into boxes to communities in need of food. This consisted of making the boxes, and using the 132 pounds of food the kids donated to us plus two palets of food from the warehouse. Each palet consisted of about 600 pounds of food. They sorted it by item and were able to make over 70 boxes The boxes contained stuffing, canned corn, canned spinach, pasta, sauce, beans, rice and other staples. Each box weighed 11 pounds or more. They put together these meals in a organized manner, placed them on palets and wrote on the box what food item was inside. This helped hundreds of communities in need of food.

    —Submitted by Noelle Rogers


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