Shelter Rocks Gift Bazaar


bzShelter Rock School recently kicked off their annual holiday gift bazaar. This is the fourth year the school has hosted the program. The event was chaired by Maria Brunetti, Valerie Carillo and Teresa Cozzi. Preparation for this event occurs year round culminating in a week long buying frenzy by the students of Shelter Rock Elementary School. The bazaar was created to have elementary students experience the thrill and joy of giving.

Students excitedly browsed the “gift shop” searching for that special holiday gift for family, friends and relatives. Tireless volunteers manned the bazaar assisting children with purchases, wrapping gifts and spreading holiday cheer. In addition to providing an important life lesson in giving, children also learn about budgeting and spending money wisely. Chuckles and giggles could be heard amongst the cutting and folding of wrapping paper.

Many thanks to dedicated parent volunteers that make this special program run.


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