Sauvigne Runs Unopposed


ElectionSauvigne_112213AMark Sauvigne is about to complete his fourth consecutive term as commissioner of the Manhasset Park District, and is now running unopposed for a fifth.

Sauvigne said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks influenced his initial decision to run for the office, as he was overwhelmed with the desire to make a difference in his community. Now, he is asking voters to consider his track record of accomplishments when taking to the polls on December 10. If they entrust him with a fifth term, he pledges to first combat the district’s “shortage of adequate parking.”

In a related manner, Sauvigne also plans to collaborate with the Town of North Hempstead to further address illegal municipal parking lots that exist throughout the district. Property owners must receive approval prior to collecting fees from drivers seeking parking spaces, he said, but some rent space to out-of-town Long Island Rail Road commuters.

While Sauvigne said the authority to shut down each illegal lot lies within the Town of North Hempstead, the Manhasset Park District can create additional municipal parking lots by acquiring available land for that purpose. Board members are currently close to purchasing a small house near the train station to create merchant parking, he said, as well as looking to lease spots in areas that are currently unused.

If elected for a fifth term, Sauvigne also pledges to increase the park district’s revenue without raising taxes. He suggests promoting rigid code enforcement and charging non-residents for weekend parking in train lots.

Sauvigne is also focused on preserving Manhasset Park District’s transparency with constituents. He prides the Board of Commissioners with regularly updating the district’s website in order to foster communication with residents, holding bimonthly meetings that are open to the public and responding to questions or complaints within 24 hours.


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