Saint Peter Of Alcantara School Hires New Principal

Deacon John Hogan

On Aug. 1, Saint Peter of Alcantara School hired a new principal, Deacon John Hogan. Hogan has been involved in education for more than 40 years; serving as a teacher, high school principal, dean, superintendent of West Hempstead School District and most recently, the director of strategic planning for all catholic schools across Long Island in Rockville Centre.

Hogan has been engrossed in catholic and public school education throughout Long Island, specifically Nassau and Suffolk counties, for the last 20 years, prior to his work in the city school districts as his starting career. He submitted his application to be hired as the new principal under Bishop John Barres, who approved his application and hired him for the job.

While working for Barres, as the director of strategic planning for Long Island catholic schools, Hogan worked on numerous strategies that he plans to implement throughout the school year. These strategies include catholic identity, sustainability, public relations and the community-at-large.

(Photo courtesy of Saint Peter of Alcantara School)

Hogan plans to enhance the teachings of Christ across the school. He has the intention of showing teachers and students how dedicated he is to understanding the catholic community and how it can better the students of Saint Peter of Alcantara School. Hogan additionally plans to create a sustainable learning community where the private catholic school in Port Washington can be affordable for all. Hogan would love to give every student and their family the opportunity to participate in school-run activities without worrying about their financial stability, he explained.

Hogan’s main goal as the new principal is to “do all we can to maintain high academic standards, enhance technology, and to infuse teachers of Christ to be taught in everyday language.”

Aside from the strategies that Hogan plans to implement throughout the school in September, he is helping change the connection between the community and school-at-large. Hogan’s intentions are to create a stronger bond between the students, faculty, administrators, bishops, deacons, priests and families in order to create “a welcoming school community that is dedicated to studying Christ and the catholic religion.”

Saint Peter of Alcantara School is just shy of 200 students ranging from nursery school up until eighth grade where almost all graduate students continue their education at a catholic high school. There are more than 17 teachers who help enhance the education of their students. Hogan plans to enrich each individual that is a member of the catholic community to help better the greater Port Washington area and its students.

“I am so pleased to be the new principal of this amazing and well-rounded school. Everyone that is part of this community has been so friendly and welcoming,” emphasized Hogan. “I am so grateful to welcomed with open arms by this community and help implement strategies that will better the education of the students that attend Saint Peter of Alcantara School in the fall.”

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Sydney Rosenthal is a reporter with Anton Media Group and a graduate of Paul D. Schreiber High School.


  1. Deacon Hogan’s primary concern should be the safety of the children in this diocese. He has a fresh opportunity to enter this school with open eyes.

    Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests


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