Republicans Tag Chiang And DeGiorgio To Represent Manhasset


The Nassau County Republican Committee gathered last week on Feb. 20 at Levittown Hall in Hicksville to determine the candidates to run for office. On the local level, Manhasset resident David Yaudoon Chiang was nominated to represent the Fourth District in the Town of North Hempstead Council and the incumbent Dina De Giorgio of Port Washington was nominated to run for re-election in the Sixth District.
Chiang has lived in Manhasset for the past six years along with his wife and three children. He graduated from NYU in 1992 with honors and double majored in Finance and International Business. His background is in the financial sector.
“My background and experience in the field of finance will provide a valuable business perspective to sound management of North Hempstead’s budget,” said Chiang. “In fact, I believe taxpayers desire a seasoned professional to go through the town’s expenditures, as well as tax and fee collections, with a fine-tooth comb. Further, reviewing the town’s long and short-term debt is an area where more oversight can help ensure residents that their future tax outlook is stable.”
“As a professional in the financial industry for over 18 years, I am focused on financial accountability. I was a managing director in investment banking, and I have worked as a research analyst in the technology field. I have been quoted in business publications and interviewed on CNBC and Bloomberg television.”
Most Manhassetites will recognize Chiang as an organizer and leader of protest against the relocation of MedMen, a medical marijuana dispensary moving into a possible location on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset. “I am proud that I was instrumental in promoting legislation regarding the recreational sale of marijuana in North Hempstead,” said Chiang. “Working with community groups, organizing rallies, utilizing social media and speaking to a host of groups, I was successful in educating people of the dangers of having such sales near our schools, parks, community centers and other areas that would expose young, vulnerable people to recreational marijuana sales and use.”
When asked what he thought were the major issues facing the Fourth District, which includes Great Neck, Manhasset and Roslyn, Chiang responded “soaring taxes are not sustainable. Governments have to live within a budget, just like the families that we serve. Revitalizing all the main streets, like Plandome Road, by installing new sidewalks, planting, traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures are a very high priority for me. I believe that new potential small business owners perceive that the town is not business friendly because obtaining building permits takes so long and is so difficult. I would focus on initiatives that make the Building Department consumer friendly and streamline the process so that businesses and homeowners receive permits faster. The protection of our bay waters and drinking water, and the need for a comprehensive roadway and infrastructure improvement program, are also important issues for me.”
Former Senator Elaine Phillips had this to say about Chiang, “I have been impressed with David’s ability to bring important issues to the attention of the community, to educate residents in a balanced way, and to organize the community’s response. In addition, David has the analytical skills and business experience that are essential to create a much-needed focus on affordability and sustainability.”
Chiang wants to dedicate himself to working collaboratively with all groups. “I am a consensus builder,” said Chiang. “I look to find the issues that we all have in common when working toward governmental priorities.” If elected, “I look to find the issues that we all have in common when working toward governmental priorities.”
Chiang will run against Veronica Lurvey in the Fourth District.
De Giorgio is running for a third term representing the Sixth District, which covers Port Washington, Plandome Heights, Plandome Manor, Plandome, Munsey Park and Flower Hill. She took office in 2011. An attorney by trade, she has led projects including the campaign to create Alvan Petrus Park on Port Washington Boulevard, repaving, re-planting and upgrading parking on upper Main Street, continuing the development of the waterfront and trails, and rebuilding the overpass at the railroad station. She created an Uber-like rideshare program for commuters, now in development. She serves, unpaid, on the board of the Business Improvement District. She has also worked with CLIMB to create mountain bike trails across from North Hempstead Beach Park at no cost to the Town. De Giorgio has partnered with Residents Forward in creating gardens at the LIRR train station and the post office, and planning a garden to be built in the pocket park on upper Main Street.
She helped draft bipartisan legislation, adopted unanimously by the town board, to preemptively forbid the retail sale of marijuana in North Hempstead, and initiated the effort that resulted in raising the minimum age to 21 for the purchase of tobacco and vaping products. She spearheaded the town’s anti-BDS legislation which was adopted unanimously by the town board. She also proposed legislation prohibiting ATV use in the wetlands on West Shore Road and has joined the bipartisan effort to oppose NYC’s attempt to reactivate Queens wells at the expense of the water quality in Port Washington and Western Nassau County.
“I love this town,” she said, “because here, it’s what you’ve got inside, not what label you wear. We live in a community that doesn’t judge you for what color you are, or where you pray or who you love. We are diverse, compassionate, charitable and optimistic. I am so proud that I’ve been recognized for who I am and what I do.”
De Giorgio, born in the Bronx, has lived in Port Washington for more than 20 years. Her husband, Joe D’Alonzo, runs Cow Bay Contracting, a family business that has operated in town for three generations. The couple met at Fordham University, where both received their legal training. They have two children.
De Giorgio will run against Mariann Dalimonte for the Town of North Hempstead Sixth District seat.

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