Remember Ricky And Save A Life


Remember Ricky
And Save A Life

Thank you for the many kind words and support you have given my family and me during this difficult year. In times of trouble, Manhasset residents show their love and generosity, and we are grateful. Our son Ricky had this Manhasset spirit—a love and willingness to do anything to help. We love and miss him every day and want to honor his spirit by sharing his story in case it might help others.

Ricky died from a heroin overdose right here in Manhasset, a few days after we celebrated his 33rd birthday in January. He started with alcohol; we had no idea he was using heroin. Unfortunately, we learned too late that heroin and other drugs are among us in Manhasset. It doesn’t take regular use or a long downward spiral—even one mistake can result in an overdose, an accident, or other bad decision.
Help your kids understand that sharing information about their friend’s drug and alcohol use—with parents, teachers, coaches, or other trusted adults—might save a life. Talk about the risks from prescription drugs as well as heroin and marijuana, which are stronger and more dangerous than ever. Help your child make healthy choices now, avoiding substances to cope with stress or depression, and hope they will continue as a young adult.
Drugs and alcohol can hurt you and your family, even in Manhasset. Last December I was ordering Christmas gifts for my son, and now I am ordering flowers for his grave. No parent should experience burying a child.
Learn about the risks before it is too late. For information about drug and alcohol addiction, including that heroin can be snorted instead of injected, signs are nodding off and itching and scratching, and Narcan can help prevent overdose, go to (Long Island Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency or If you have information about drugs in our town, share it with our POP Officer Krukowski 516-573-6670, to help save another life. Thank you again and enjoy every moment with friends and family this holiday season.
—Christine Carbia Andriotis

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