Religious Leaders Call For Tolerance And Acceptance



As religious leaders in our community, we are concerned about the tone taken by some public figures in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks. Such rhetoric maligns people on the basis of their religion, contrary to the American ideal of religious freedom and tolerance. Hateful speech divides our country at a time when we need to be more united. To that end, we call on our elected officials, as well as those seeking public office, to refrain from hostile attacks on people because of their religion. We can keep our nation safe without trampling on the religious rights of others in our nation and around the world. Instead this holiday season, let us focus on our common values and high ideals of tolerance and acceptance. A blessed holiday season to all.
Rev. Jennifer Brower,
Rev. Lori Burgess,
Rabbi Todd Chizner,
Rev. Natalie M. Fenimore,
Rev. Donna Field,
Rabbi Lee Friedlander,
Rev. Dr. Paul Johnson,
Rev. Jimmy Only,
Rev. Dr. Steve Pierce,
Cantor Eric Schulmiller,
Rev. David C. Sibley,
Rabbi Jodie Siff, Oscar Sinclair,
Father Dennis Strouzas


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