Reelect Paterson


On Dec. 8, we will be asked to go to the polls to elect a Commissioner for the Manhasset Park District. Commissioner David Paterson is running for a second term and we hope you will join us in supporting his bid for reelection.

David threw his hat in the ring three years ago as a write-in candidate and staunch opponent of the installation of parking meters on Plandome Road. He was elected by an overwhelming margin, running on a platform of change and transparency, and he has delivered on these promises. Since he has been in office, the Manhasset Park District website was upgraded so that all minutes, meeting and notifications are posted in a timely manner and available to all of us. He implemented the use of “incident reports” by both staff and residents to assure that problems are identified and reviewed by the commissioners promptly and so that corrective action was taken quickly. David also met personally with merchants, residents and commuters to help resolve issues and is available to all constituencies when needed, encouraging everyone to reach out to him with any suggestions or concerns they may have.

David does not just show up for a meeting or two, he is out there working at all hours. You may have seen him out inspecting the lots or working with staff, whether at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. He has even grabbed a shovel and pitched in to make sure our lots were cleared for commuters during major snowstorms. He has painted flag poles, planted, pulled weeds, dug trenches and even picked up trash on MPD property. He is a guy who is willing to work to improve our district.

Under his watch, parking spaces have increased for commuters, merchants and shoppers, the largest such increase in over ten years. Off-street parking was created for local businesses and medical building staff so that we have full access to the Locust Street parking lot for shopping. Meter times were lowered to 7 p.m. so we can use the lots in the evening without worrying about feeding the meters. Fees have not been raised nor have taxes in the last three years, and David is committed to holding the line on both. He has accomplished so much in his first term and can do more for us if he is given the opportunity.

As you can see, David is a commissioner that we can rely on to get the job done. He is open to our suggestions, willing to implement positive change and most importantly, he is dedicated to providing our community with the highest level of service in a cost-effective manner. We hope you will join us in supporting David Paterson by casting your vote for him on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Voting will take place at the Bayview Firehouse on Bayview Avenue from noon to 9 p.m.

Joanne and Clay Anderson
Lauren Baranello
Anne Cybriwsky
John and Margaret Farrell
Ann Marie and Thomas Fruhauf
Keith and Ruth Geismar
Mary Fran Jeffrey
Janet and Michael Lyon


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