Recent Manhasset Car Thefts


This past weekend, several vehicles were stolen and several more ‘rummaged’ through in the Trumbull Rd and Kensett Rd areas of Munsey Park as well as the Timber La and Chapel Rd areas of Strathmore Vanderbilt. Good news is that NCPD have already recovered two of the vehicles (one in College Point and another in Jamaica, Queens). According to the 6th Pct leadership, these are an organized group of thieves that swarm in and out of wealthy neighborhoods seeking quick crimes.

Unlocked vehicles are the prime target  in the sunset to sunrise darkness hours (7pm to 6am) when and where there’s no need to break in, no alarm, and no human contact. They rummage the vehicle for valuables (wallets, cash, credit cards, laptops, cell phones, etc.). If they find a key FOB or a valet key while rummaging the vehicle, they simply and quickly drive the vehicle away.

All Pct police patrols remain on constant lookout through all our backroads/ remote roadways for such suspicious activity and investigators continue to pursue all leads to apprehend this ring of thieves.

You can reduce your risk of becoming a victim:

  • Keep your vehicles locked & alarmed even in your driveway. Remove valuables from view. Make it a habit to remove your key FOB when exiting your car.
  • Call 911 to always report any suspicious activity you see, or car alarms you hear.
  • If you are a victim, REPORT IT. You or neighbors may have surveillance cameras that can aid the police investigation.

The Greater Council website has this and many police tips on how to better protect yourself from this crime, as well as a wide range of other topics at:

-Submitted by the Manhasset Greater Council



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