Radio Tower Looms Large


The controversial radio tower which was erected over the Columbus Day weekend remains an ever present reminder to the Manhasset community of the current Manhasset Lakeville Water administration’s impact on the environment. The 190-foot radio tower which was installed without any warning to the surrounding homes in the area impacts the villages of Flower Hill and Munsey Park. The tower was said by officials to support emergency services for first-responders as well as wireless communication for district water towers, wells, and water treatment plants which are monitored at all times. 

According to John Lippman, whose backyard is 30 yards from the structure, the tower was supposed to be removed on Tuesday, Nov. 26, but water officials had postponed the event. Calls to the water district have provided no anticipated schedule for the removal of the tower at this time.

With the upcoming water district elections scheduled for next Tuesday, Dec. 10, incumbent Donald O’Brien, Chairman of the Water District will face Robert DeVito, a firefighter, for the position. O’Brien who previously had sponsored and had passed a resolution to remove the radio tower at the Oct. 29 district meeting is under scrutiny. O’Brien who is pledging “sound fiscal management”. The taxpayer has paid $314,000 for the erection of the dormant radio tower.

Devito having served in the role as water commissioner for two terms previously seeks to run again because the current administration has “lost touch with the public.” The public will have the opportunity to decide.


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