ProMet Ribbon Cutting

ProMet owner Ryan Martin cuts the ribbon for the new location in Manhasset. (Photo by Marco Schaden)

ProMet Physical Therapy recently had its ribbon-cutting ceremony with members of the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce on hand for the festivities. Their new location in Manhasset, 444 Community Dr., is their third location with offices also in Kew Gardens and Glendale.

“We have had this in the works, we have been looking around for a while,” Ryan Martin, ProMet’s founder and a trained physical therapist, said. “We thought Manhasset and this area was one of the biggest medical hubs in New York besides Manhattan and thought this
would be a great third location for us and another home.”

The new location was previously home to a OBGYN, and in Feburary, ProMet started renovating the property. They opened up shop this past August and are looking to grow their roots in the area.

“We’re very confident in the relationships that we have, we understand that there is a status quo, people do have relationships in the neighborhood and that there is a norm,” Martin said. “Our goal here is to just break that status quo, show people that the normal is not what they know and that the normal should be the extra mile. People that do get to know them, getting to know their patients where you’re just not another number in a big organization getting passed around.”

ProMet was founded in 2007 by Martin, and new staff additions over the last two to three years has seen a culture develop at the company that has allowed for expansion. In an industry where the big physical therapy companies are gobbling up the smaller ones, Martin believes his company will stay away from corporatizing and caring for the
patient will be the main focus.

“Our approach is to treat the person,” Martin said. “We don’t look at papers, we don’t look at prescriptions, we get to know our patients. We get to know the why about the what. We specialize in the why, explaining it, going the extra mile and making sure our patients are
educated so we help them, help themselves.”

They will have three rotating licensed physical therapists on staff for the new location, including Martin, Jason Villano and Chris Mouzakitis as well as aids to help patients through their recovery or workout.

“The populations that we deal with is very wide-ranging,” Martin said. “We deal with very young children, the geriatric population, we have worked with a lot of athletes in different schools throughout Queens. We have built up such a reputation there that we made friends out here and so we have carried those friendships and relationships in the medical field into where we’re today.”

Further expansion for ProMet may not be far off in the horizon, but Martin believes that sticking to the qualities that have led them to this point will have them reaping the benefits in the future.

“In terms of expansion, I know that our team and our company is capable of doing that,” Martin said. “We’re going to do it piece by piece, the right way. We’re going to build it out through quality, I think you can have quantity and you can expand, but the key for us is
to making sure we maintain that quality over anything.”


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