Plandome Heights Women’s Club Installs New Board

The Plandome Heights Women’s Club gathered for a photo. (Photos courtesy the Plandome Heights Women’s Club)

The Plandome Heights Women’s Club on June 10, celebrated the installation of their new board and recognized the outgoing board for their service and extraordinary efforts on behalf of the club.

The event was held both personally and virtually at the home of Rebecca Scaramucci in her lovely backyard where cocktails and horderves were served.

Rebecca Scaramucci presented Donna Harragan an award.

Victoria Grassano and Anna Oncel, the special events chairpersons, assisted in making this event a success. Past president Anne Dorogoff offered support as well.

Outgoing president Donna Harragan was presented an award for her outstanding leadership and dedication from 2018 to 2021 by incoming president Rebecca Scaramucci.

Kim Porcelli, Annette Morrissey, Rebecca Scaramucci, Donna Harragan and Kathryn Millington attended the event.

The Plandome Heights Women’s Club 2021-2022 Board is as follows:

President: Rebecca Scaramucci
VP Membership: Lara Chrisomalis Pangburn
VP Philanthropic: Annette Morrissey, Kim Porcelli
Secretary: Ruth Geismar
Treasurer: Kathryn Clejan Millington
Editors: Diane Kraft, Irene Kapetanos
Children’s Events: Jessica Adamo, Haroula Tsoumas
Ladies/Special Events: Victoria Grassano, Anna Oncel
Publicity: Anja D’Angelo, Donna Harragan
The Women’s Club is looking forward to many philanthropic and social events and beautification endeavors starting in the Fall of 2021.

—Submitted by the Plandome Heights Women’s Club


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