Plandome Denies Two More Nodes


The Village of Plandome denied the outstanding cell nodes, 42 and 46, on Tuesday, Jan. 21, after previously denying eight others in ExteNet’s application back in November. The village’s board of trustees voted unanimously against the two nodes, with one trustee, Greg Westfall, not present for the vote.

ExteNet brought a federal lawsuit in December against the Village of Plandome from the previous denial. ExteNet has stated that the most logical route to undertake would be that of adding nodes 42 and 46 to the existing lawsuit as an amendment rather than filing a separate lawsuit.


“I think it’s very clear that all the reasons for why we denied the first eight equally apply to these two,” trustee Andrew Bartels said before casting his vote. “The aesthetics reasons and the impact on property values. If anything, the case against these two nodes is stronger than the other ones.”

Residents filled about half of the seats in village hall and spoke against the application citing aesthetics, property values and health effects. They cheered and clapped when the board denied the two remaining nodes.

“One would have to be very optimistic to not think that this was not a strong possibility,” ExteNet Eastern Regional Director of External Relations Richard Lambert said. “Those two nodes, out of the 10, were the two most contentious nodes. There was always hope. I’m optimistic, but I’m pragmatic as well.”

Node 42 was to be installed as a new green decorative pole with a 12 inch diameter, 35 feet in height at 25 The Ridge. Node 46 was also going to be a new green decorative pole on the south side of North Drive, west of the intersection with Brookside Drive and east of the intersection of Woodland Drive with a 12 inch diameter and 35 feet in height.

The village has hired attorney Ed Ross to handle litigation with ExteNet. He also represents the villages of Flower Hill and Lake Success, who have also been sued by ExteNet.

There is also no update on the new location of node 41 and it could still be placed in Plandome, Plandome Manor or Flower Hill.


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