Pass The Budget/Re-Elect Aitken



As a student of public policy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, I am reminded every day that the public school system in which my siblings and I were educated is a bright anomaly in a nation rife with under-resourced and underperforming districts. I remain deeply grateful for the myriad academic and extracurricular opportunities that Manhasset Public Schools afforded me, from Advanced Placement classes and student government to musical theater and varsity lacrosse.
Quality public education requires quality investment. As an alum who owes much to our schools and to our community, I strongly encourage residents to vote for the proposed school budget on May 20 and to re-elect my mother, Pat Aitken, to the Manhasset Board of Education. Over the past nine years, Pat has proven to be a tireless advocate of fiscal responsibility and resource pragmatism within our district, moderating budget growth while maintaining required capital investments in our schools. She has been instrumental in bringing increased transparency and community engagement into the school district budgeting process, and actively solicits feedback from community members as she and the Board strive to maintain high caliber education in the face of tax caps, unfunded mandates, and increasing enrollment.
Pat’s broad experience – as a financial professional, community leader, and devoted mother of three – brings the right blend of pragmatism and vision required to navigate these challenges and continue delivering high quality education that benefits our students from K-12 and beyond.
Kate Aitken
MHS Class of 2005


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