New Year New Culvert- Hopefully


Neighbors have been noticing a huge crane and barges being brought in to Manhasset Bay, which will be used to finally begin work on the overflow culvert at Leeds Pond.
The culvert, which was built 65 years ago by the Town of North Hempstead, has been badly eroded by salt water. The culvert allows stormwater runoff from a 2,275-acre tributary watershed area that flows into Leeds Pond to drain into Manhasset Bay. The culvert, which lies below North Plandome Road, is a heavily trafficked route to and from Port Washington and Sands Point and tends to flood, especially during heavy rain storms.
Since 2008, the culvert has been the subject of much discussion and a study was done on the structural integrity by the engineering group Sidney B. Bowne & Son LLP, which identified the decay of the culvert indicating safety concerns for the integrity of the structure due to erosion exposing the rebar—the steel reinforced rod in the concrete. The culvert is 15 feet wide and seven feet, three inches high. The area had been earmarked for funds from New York State under then-Senator Jack Martins in 2015.
The Town of North Hempstead is expected to begin work on the North Plandome Road culvert, which connects Manhasset Bay to Leeds Pond. According to Woodstock Construction, the contractor for the project, work is anticipated to start sometime within the next month. While the company does not plan to close North Plandome Road, there may be times when traffic is reduced to one lane.
The project will create a new overflow culvert at Leeds Pond, which will be in a location where water currently flows into Manhasset Bay. The project will stop that flow by raising the elevation around the perimeter of the area and diverting the water into the overflow culvert.
A grant is providing $1.5 million for the project, but it requires an additional $102,289, which town and Plandome Manor village officials are still seeking.
Aquatic sand removal for the culvert is slated for the 2020 and 2021 fiscal years for a total of $2.16 million.

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