New Manhasset Chamber Prez


manhasset1Manhasset Chamber of Commerce First Vice President David Haghani will step up beginning in January 2014 to take leadership of the town’s surrounding businesses. His store, Gallery Couture, on Plandome Road has been in business for 22 years, plus his two other contemporary women’s clothing stores on the same strip ensure his knowledge of town landlords, fair rent prices, proper lease agreements and then some.

In addition to Gallery Couture, known by many for amazing, well-fitting couture pants, there is also 7-year-old Loop, which caters to the casual woman with great denim jeans, cashmere sweaters and accessories. Gibson, his youngest store, offers more trendy clothing by newer designers at a gentler price point.

Haghani and his brother Afshin have worked together since the beginning. David Haghani oversees the daily business management and financial end of things, while brother Afshin is buyer and creative director for all three stores. “Our goal is to complete a woman’s wardrobe, pulling whatever she may need from all of our stores if that is necessary,” said Haghani.

Haghani is happy to see the opening of a couple of new stores that offer something different, something new, on Plandome Road. There’s the women’s lingerie shop Inside the Armoire; girls’ activewear store ivivva; and sweet shop party place Chocolate Works coming in December. Haghani feels downtown Manhasset will have an even greater presence now.

“My main interest as incoming President of the Chamber of Commerce is in giving direction and guiding new merchants with questions and concerns,” Haghani said. “I will help them with everything they need to know.”

Haghani looks forward to sharing his business know-how with the old and new enterprises in Manhasset. His plan: to help businesses prosper and become better educated about commerce in one of the most well-heeled areas of Long Island.

Haghani’s main focus will be Plandome Road, or what he refers to as “downtown Manhasset.”

“I want to try and beautify our town,” he said. “We live in one of the best, most affluent areas of Long Island and unfortunately Manhasset and Plandome Road isn’t living up to what it should be.”

He looks forward to getting more involved with the merchants as well as the doctors, dentists and everyone who plays a role here in town. “I know what our needs are, starting with the roads that should be swept each week. Sweepers should come through weekly and clean our streets, but they don’t,” said Haghani. He also wants to encourage stores to renovate and keep their businesses and storefronts fresh and up to date. “If you want to conduct business, you have to upkeep your space,” he says.

Maybe that’s why Gallery Couture has been around for as long as they have. “We are constantly updating and renovating our stores and windows,” Haghani admits.

Especially for the holidays, he encourages all stores to do a special window with the holiday theme one week before Thanksgiving. “This way when people drive through Plandome Road, they will see lights and some pizzazz going on in the windows,” he said.

When he starts his term, he would like to see more holiday décor throughout the streets, with lights and everything festive. “Together we have to study Plandome Road and decide what it is we are lacking,” Haghani said. “What is it that we are missing and what can we do as a community to make it better?”


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