Nadia Giannopoulos Is The Right Fit For BOE


I am writing to show my support for Nadia Giannopoulos, who is running for a seat on the Manhasset School Board of Education. Nadia has been a neighbor and a friend since she and her family moved to the neighborhood in 2015. We have had many friendly conversations about living and raising a family in Manhasset.

Nadia and I share many common values; the most important of which, is the health and welfare of our children. We became very interested in the 5G issue that Verizon was pushing on our neighborhood because we were both concerned about the affect additional cell towers would have on the developing brains of young residents. Together, we attended meetings to make our voices heard.

Nadia’s love and respect for learning is quite evident, as she is currently working on her PhD,
I know she works hard for the causes she believes in and will do her best to hear all sides of a discussion. She is respectful of a “team approach,” and will lend the knowledge she has gleaned from years of higher learning and apply it to the issues at hand.

Nadia Giannopoulos is a very hard worker who takes on tasks head on. She is a person of integrity who recognizes the importance of giving back to the community in which she resides. As a member of the board of education, she will bring with her a unique perspective, augmented by her background in education and business development.

Thank you,

—Liz Oppo

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