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To residents, Manhasset is not just home to the Miracle Mile, but a place for families to thrive. Manhasset residents agree that their town has a great sense of community, unity in tough times, great school systems and excellent organizations. Residents from the Manhasset Public School Superintendent Charles Cardillo to the owner of the Actor’s Garage Ann Gray Graf, share why they love to call Manhasset their home.

Robert McNamara, Mayor of the Village of Flower Hill

I was born and raised in Manhasset. I think it’s Hometown, USA. You walk down Plandome Road and you wave to five to 10 people and maybe know half of them. It’s just a warm, friendly town. It’s just a real hometown place so close to NYC. You grow up here and your kids grow up here. You go to church and you just wave to everyone there. It’s just a charming place. Being the mayor of Flower Hill I see people wanting to come into Manhasset. It’s a great community with great restaurants, great schools, great lacrosse, parks and just people who care about it. Of all the places I’ve been and I’ve traveled all my life, this place is home.

Charles Cardillo, Manhasset Superintendent

I love Manhasset because of the great sense of family and community. This is most evident in the significant pride reflected in the tremendous generosity, support and camaraderie that exists throughout this wonderful community.

Elizabeth Johnson, Editor of Manhasset Press

The beauty of Manhasset speaks for itself, with its tree-lined streets and elegant homes, it is paradise to live here. There are many advantages to living in the 11030 zip code that everyone knows—great train line, cute downtown, fabulous school system and the finest shopping on Long Island, but what speaks to me most are the people.

Manhassetites are committed to their families and making a better place here than it was before. That is why everyone wants to move here because Manhasset cares. It takes time and energy to make Manhasset a great place to live. Those who sold their homes cared about who was coming in. The next generation moving in was to keep it as glorious as it is. That is why there is the “Manhasset Bubble” a safe place to live, raise your kids and enjoy your family.

Benny Borgognone, Owner of Buttercooky Bakery

I like the close proximity of the residents how we unite always when there’s something like a tragedy. I like how we unite as a community. Everybody is always looking to help one another. All of my three children grew up in Manhasset. We love the school district. The teachers were always willing to help. I love the business district. I’m going to give a shout out to Villa Milano. They’re always recognizing everyone who walks into their establishment.

Ann Gray Graf, Owner of Actor’s Garage

I love Manhasset. It has opened its arms to me since the day I moved here. I say, what I’m sure a lot of people say, I have the best block in town. My daughter was lucky to group up playing in the street with all her neighbors since we moved here. This town has been there to lift me up when I needed it. I plan Halloween for a month in advance as do my neighbors and we welcome every single trick-or-treater.

James Only, Pastor at the Congregational Church of Manhasset

I love Manhasset because our community rallies around one another. Whether supporting our neighbors who lost loved ones on 9/11, forming Adventures in Learning for our children needing after school social and academic enrichment, founding the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer, or supporting the Cardillo family when they lost their home in a fire, Manhasset has a good heart.


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