My Manhasset


Upscale shopping, the Strathmores and Vanderbilts and the inspiration for East Egg in The Great Gatsby. These are just a few things that come to mind when one hears the word “Manhasset.” But for those who live in the hamlet with multiple villages—including the Plandomes, Munsey Park, North Hills and Flower Hill—Manhasset is the place of summer evenings at Mary Jane Davies Green, eating dinner at Louie’s Manhasset or saying “hello” to neighbors while walking down Plandome Road. Locals, like Shelly Scotto, and previous residents who can’t forget their love of their hometown like Jeffrey Widell, share memories and the reasons they love Manhasset.

Shelly Scotto, real estate agent and resident

“It’s easy to sell real estate where you live and love. Manhasset’s convenience, beauty and town camaraderie makes it’s a wonderful place to live.”

Bill Hannan, resident

“People love living in Manhasset and raising their children here not because it is a great community. They do it because it is a great family. A family that has each other’s backs, that picks each other up after loss, and celebrates in another’s victory. It is a family with a conscience. A family where your children are not only safe, but can thrive. Where else would I want to live?”

Jeffrey Widell, prior resident

“My father and I used to ride horses at Lakeville Stable located on the service road between Community Drive and Lakeville road. We used to cross Community Drive and wander for hours on horseback on Whitney Estates, through big open fields as well as wooded areas. We used to pick the largest and greenest apples from one of the orchards. I recall that there was also a radio station in the middle of one of the fields. Nearly 55 years later, I have come to realize that these are the best memories of my life. I now live in Milwaukee and continue in the equestrian sports.”

Joan LaPallo, store manager of DUXIANA

“There is so much I love about Manhasset, where do I begin? Manhasset is an exciting, thriving community of beautiful homes, plentiful shopping, five-star dining, and some of the best schools and healthcare in the country! But what I really love most about working in the Manhasset community for the last 20-plus years is meeting the wonderful families that I have come to know and continue to enjoy.”


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