Munsey Park Warns Residents After Vehicle Approaches Children


Dear Residents,

A pair of incidents occurred over the weekend that our residents should be aware of.

On Friday afternoon near the corner of Dogwood Lane and Manhasset Woods Road, an adult male in a black BMW stopped and invited an 11 year old girl who was walking with a friend to get into his car. Luckily, the girls ran away.

On Sunday afternoon an adult male in a black BMW pulled up and parked in front of the bench on Park Avenue near town where it forms a triangle with Nassau Avenue. Two 13 year old girls were sitting on the bench and the man who was parked just a few feet away rolled down the window and stared at them for almost ten minutes. The girls were frightened and ran away.

The 6th precinct has been made aware of both incidents. Please be vigilant and if you see suspicious activity involving a car fitting this description, please first write down the license plate number and then call the 6th precinct, 516-573-6600, immediately.

-The Village of Munsey Park


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