Munsey Park Mayor Adds Position To Be Filled By Brother-In-Law


The Village of Munsey Park created a village administrator position and appointed Daniel Breen, a relative of Mayor Frank J. DeMento, on Wednesday, May 10, at the board of trustees meeting. DeMento introduced the resolution to create the village administrator position while village trustee John Lippmann moved to appoint Breen. The board voted three to one, with an abstention by DeMento, to appoint Breen to the newly created position. No public hearing was held on the job creation of appointment of Breen, who village officials said will be hired for a one-year term.
Breen, DeMento’s brother-in-law, currently lives at the same Manhasset address as DeMento. Breen had been working for the village since January 2016 before being appointed to this new position. He was employed as one of the village’s utility workers, making $42,000. Breen’s new salary and benefits are to be determined, according to village officials.
Several Munsey Park residents have contacted the Manhasset Press regarding the matter. After contacting the village on Friday, May 12, village clerk Barbara Miller was not in the office to answer any questions.
Village trustee Patrick Hance voted against Breen’s hiring and said, “I don’t have anything to add,” upon inquiries of his vote.
The Incorporated Village of Munsey Park updated its website on Friday, May 12, to detail the position of village administrator and explain why Breen is right for the position.
The village’s website is not up-to-date with minutes from past meetings, but has recently posted news that explains the position was created to “provide the most economical and efficient overall direction, coordination and control of the day-to-day activities and operations of the Village of Munsey Park.” The position is deemed necessary to minimize administrative tasks handled by village officials and provide direction and control of the staff. The laws related to the Village of Munsey Park are absent from the website and can not be certain whether there are regulations covering nepotism, which has affected the Town of North Hempstead and other government offices, forcing a change in regulation.
Listed in Breen’s duties are supervising the functions and activities of the village and its officers, except the justice court, village prosecutor, Village Attorney, Board of Appeals, planning commission and boards of review. Breen will prepare work schedules and maintenance reports, oversee enforcement of regulations, see that all inquiries by residents are referred to the appropriate official, conduct a continuing study of all activities of the village to devise new ways of becoming more efficient and economical, supervise the preventive maintenance program for equipment, tools and vehicles and supervise maintenance and repairs of village parks, roads and walkways. The village administrator’s duties also include attending board of trustees meetings, supervising all expenditures, assembling data requests for utility rate adjustments, being responsible for minor and routine projects and more. Breen will report to the board of trustees and mayor.
Also added to the village website, was the “Resident Communication Regarding Village Administrator,” which outlined Breen’s qualifications. It is cited that Breen has knowledge of the village and the challenges it faces. Breen has become well-known since his appointment to the village utility crew and has taken on responsibilities beyond his utility work. Breen has performed ad hoc administrative work and met with municipal entities. The village said it was important to update Breen’s “official responsibilities to reflect his role; it was done without changing his compensation schedule.”
The village’s website also cites that “the position and appointment were vetted and are compliant with the Village Code and applicable law, per the Village Attorney.” Munsey Park’s policy regarding nepotism states, “no municipal officer or employee, either individually or as a member of a board, may participate in any decision specifically to appoint, hire, promote, discipline or discharge a relative for any position at, for or within the Village of Munsey Park or a municipal board.”
For the full list of the village administrator’s duties and Breen’s qualifications, visit, click on the “village” tab and then the “news” tab.


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