Monterosso Is My Choice For Manhasset BOE


I am excited to support Christine Monterosso for re election to the BOE.

When we moved here from the city aloft 20 years ago, people would ask why. Since neither my husband or I commuted, the answer was, the schools, (Well, and restaurants, since I don’t cook.)

While our daughter is now a junior in college, we are still invested in our community. We are proud to have sent her through the Manhasset School district for 13 years, and am enjoying watching so many children and teens that I’ve had in my classes excel in their educations here in the district. Watching them on the fields, in the magnificent plays (OK, maybe I’m a tad biased), in Louie’s, or on Plandome Road.

Over the past six years Christine has overseen six annual budgets; Manhasset has one of three best STEM educations in the state and best on Long Island (ok…WOW)! The curricular enhancements are many; rich literature-based approach to reading; sequence of engineering classes; and my personal favorite, broadcast journalism. I was so happy to hear a local mom tell me how happy she was we added broadcast journalism to school, as her child has finally found their place. I know this goes for quite a few students.

Going forward, Christine will work on adding Robotics to our schools. I’m excited for the students to get involved in what will surely be a competitive team and maybe lead to an aerospace engineer from Manhasset. I’m hoping they can try the robot out at cleaning my house in test trials 😉

She will look at the college application process, so our kids can continue to compete at the highest level.

I have always been proud to tell people our public schools are better than private ones and it’s where our kids get their sense of community. I am never happier than when I have an entire studio of Manhasset kids. I can’t explain it, but they are special.

I hope to see you on May 17 casting your ballots for Christine.

—Ann Gray Graf

Owner/founder, The Actor’s Garage, and Manhasset resident for over 19 years.

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