Mistaken Identity


    As a long-time employee and current office manager of The Zerbini Family Circus, I would like to address the comments in letters to the editor from Oct. 19.
    The circus referred to in the Letter is not the Zerbini Family Circus but rather a show which also uses the Zerbini name. We are not associated with them in any way.
    Our circus does not have, nor ever had, monkey’s, bears or big cats. We also do not travel with or exhibit elephants. In addition, we have never performed or traveled outside of the United States, including Victoria, British Columbia.
    Most importantly, The Zerbini Family Circus has never received any citation from the U.S.D.A. for violating animal welfare guidelines or standards.
    We have performed in your community for many years and hope to be welcomed back for many years to come.
    Michale D. Jones

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