Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Program


Are you struggling with your New Year’s resolutions, especially those involving food? If so, the new Center for Wellbeing at The Congregational Church of Manhasset (UCC) can help. Join in this Saturday, Jan. 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. for a Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness program. The workshop will be led by mindfulness teacher, coach, and counselor, Keith Fiveson.

Fiveson explained, “Getting back on track, and on the scale can be challenging and difficult, especially when our stomachs and waistlines have increased and exercise seems more of a burden than an opportunity. So, how do we do it? How do we get back into the swing, the mindful focus, and feed without going into a frenzy? A good first step is this free, introductory workshop that will explore the mind-body connection of food, hunger, craving, taste and the feeling of being full or satiated. The program will explore the why’s and how’s of eating and look at how you can take small steps that will make a big difference.”

While walk-ins are definitely welcome, an initial head count would be helpful for planning purposes. To sign-up, call Valerie McDermott in the church office at 516-627-4911, ext. 103 or email Rev. Jimmy Only at revjimmyonly@gmail.com. The Congregational Church is located at 1845 Northern Blvd. in Munsey Park (across the street from the Apple Store).

For more information, visit www.uccmanhasset.org.

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Michelle Dell’Aquila, M.A. is a licensed child therapist who is currently the director of CDA, a program geared for infants to 5-year-old providing developmental assessments, advice to parents at home and for teachers in schools.


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