Middle School Parents Support Budget


While Manhasset’s goals and expectations may be the same for all children, the Middle School recognizes that all children are not identical. They have different talents and abilities, interests and emotions, strengths and weaknesses and learning styles. As such, Manhasset Middle School provides many opportunities for our 7th and 8th graders to succeed academically, socially and emotionally on their own terms.

Students have a variety of courses that are offered to challenge and also support. Teachers design their lesson plans collaboratively and meet regularly, as part of the Middle School Orange and Blue Teams. Additionally, the Middle School program allows 7th and 8th graders to take drama, art, music, and technology as part of their core curriculum. Likewise, foreign language is introduced in the 7th grade and students have the choice of studying Spanish, French or Italian.

With the charge of educating the whole child, the available extracurricular activities help our Middle Schoolers figure out their strengths. Many participate in interscholastic athletics or get involved in the middle school play as another way to express themselves. Likewise, there are activities such as student government, Science Olympiad and the Yearbook, which require dedication, teamwork and organization skills and offer true growing experiences.

From the spring of their 6th grade year through their last day of 8th grade, Dr. Schlanger and Mr. Vercessi make it possible for all of our students (and their parents) to feel comfortable in our school and encourage them to take risks and also be respectful. They plan activities, such as the Middle School dances, BBQ’s and Friday Night Live, so that students will be able to have a social experience in an organized and supervised environment.

With all the good work being done at the Middle School to give our children opportunities to become serious learners and achieve their highest potential as students and individuals, we hope you agree there are many good reasons to exercise your right to vote for the 2014-2015 School Budget on Tuesday, May 20 in the Secondary School Gym between 6:30am -10:00pm.

Michaela Sheridan, SCA Middle School President
Jill Ridini, SCA Middle School Vice President
Grade Level Chairs:
Karen Barnes
Rachel Caton
Bethanne DeMatteis
Deanna Durso
Megan Trotta
Marilena Katopodis
Kristin Perfetto
Cathy McAree


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