MHS Class of 2016 Making A Difference


Earlier this year, the senior class of Manhasset High School ran a donation drive collecting over a $1,000 worth of food for a pastor in The Bronx. The donations resonate the true nature of our community as all the money came from parents dropping off their kids at the school in the morning.
The Class of 2016 has actually worked with Pastor Collins of the Ministry of Divine Light in The Bronx before, two years back, but nothing on a scale comparable to this. The food was delivered to various families of the ministry. Money was collected by students who waited outside in the morning collecting money from parents dropping their children off. Also, Mrs. Petras, a math teacher and coordinator of the school’s National Honor Society, assisted heavily in the collection. In total, 15 boxes of food were collected: boxes full of pasta, soup, and cereal.
—Kevin Gleason
MHS Class 2016 President


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