Letter: Medmen‑A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing


Let’s be clear, they are trying to secure a 10,000-square foot mega pot store drawing customers from Nassau, Suffolk and Queens in a residential neighborhood, 100 feet from fellow neighbors’ property line, a block from a school. This is not a debate on the benefits of medical marijuana or what someone does in their private life. MedMen is using Manhasset to legitimize their business.

Once they secure a residential location they will bully every other residential town in Long Island shoving Manhasset in their faces. It is time to fight, not just for Manhasset but for Long Island. Why is Governor Cuomo gambling with our youth? Teenagers are not perfect, parents know they are easily influenced, we battle it all the time. We should not sabotage them with MedMen’s cool, slick drug ad campaign.

Manhasset is the first potential crack in the dam that will flood Long Island. Representatives must work together to stop this, we are not victims. We have the right to block this as stated in the California Supreme Court. It seems the only thing that tested that decision was when the state of California legalized marijuana, but it also stated the local towns could still decide what was best for them. The legal trouble comes after someone secures a location, lawsuit after lawsuit to get them out. Our elected officials must give MedMen a good old fashion fight, we are still New Yorkers, right? I demand our local representatives step up and have the political courage to protect us. Location matters!

If New York state thinks this is such a great idea, MedMen should start in Cuomo’s residential hometown where he can face his neighbors and report back to us on their record of success.

Why should Manhasset be the litmus test for NY? It is time to fight. Not just for Manhasset’s backyard but for the future of New York!

God bless Manhasset, Long Island, New York state and God bless America!

—Tara Kirkwood


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