Manhasset Secondary School Gives Seniors A Night To Remember

Members of the Manhasset school community, many carrying signs, were on hand to cheer for the Class of 2020 during the community car parade.

Manhasset Secondary School’s graduating Class of 2020 was celebrated with a special evening of cheers, best wishes for the future and a little bit of reflection.

Seniors were invited to drive onto the Manhasset Secondary School campus on the evening of Friday, June 26 for a community parade. Family and friends “camped out” in the parking lot and along the streets leading into and out of the campus. As seniors drove through the secondary school grounds, they were greeted by the enthusiastic audience. The final stop was a drive up to the main school entrance where they were greeted by Principal Dr. Dean Schlanger, as faculty and support staff, administrators and board of education members continued to cheer them. Seniors were also provided with a special photo opportunity as a memento of the celebration and one of their final moments on campus.

Later in the evening, the honored guests were invited to watch a video tribute shown on a big screen in the nearby lot across from the LIRR station. As they sat alongside, on top of and inside their cars, seniors had a moment to reflect on their years in the district while enjoying scenes dating back to elementary school.

Congratulations, Manhasset Secondary School Class of 2020! Although you completed your academic careers away from the building, you will never be forgotten.


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