Manhasset Science Research Students Earn National Recognition

Manhasset Secondary School science research students named National ACAP Science Fair winners. From left, Allen Qian, Jack Voelker, Kristen DiConza, Kayla Liu, Grace Punzalan, Sophia Grullon and Jeffrey Lin. (Photo submitted by Manhasset Public Schools)

After being crowned semifinalists at the Association of Chinese American Physicians Science Fair earlier this year, five science research students from Manhasset Secondary School recently presented their projects at the National ACAP Science Fair. The national research/scientific competition is open to middle and high school students and aims to foster a love of science and biomedicine. All five Manhasset students took home top awards.

Freshman Jeffrey Lin, sophomore Grace Punzalan and senior Allen Qian received the Outstanding Award for their research projects. Lin presented “The Effects of Potassium Bromate on Various Body Cells’ Apoptosis and Survivability,” Punzalan presented “The Effect of Lemna minor on Copper-induced Locomotor Impairment in Daphnia magna” and Qian presented “Artemisinin Targets Multiple Crucial Macromolecules for Sars-Cov-2 Viral Infection and Mitigates Vaccine Side Effects.” Each student took home $800 with half going towards Manhasset Secondary School.

In addition, sophomore Sophia Grullon and junior Jack Voelker took home the Excellent Award for their research projects. Grullon presented “The Effect of Thalassia testudinum and Their Symbiotic Relationship with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on the Carbon Dioxide Levels in Saltwater,” while Voelker presented “The Effect of Anthropogenic Sound on Tigriopus californicus.” Both students received $600 with half going towards Manhasset Secondary School.

Although they did not present at the National ACAP Fair, seniors Kayla Liu and Kristen DiConza earned honorable mention at the National ACAP Fair based on their application to the fair. Their project was entitled “The Effects of Gabapentin and the Ketogenic Diet on Ameliorating Seizures in parabss1, strain #79600, and strain #79601 Drosophila melanogaster.”

Aside from the talented science research students, research specialist Alison Huenger was awarded for Best Mentor at the National ACAP Science Fair. The Manhasset Public Schools congratulates Ms. Huenger and all the science research winners who were recognized by the ACAP.

—Submitted by Manhasset Public Schools


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